Sky's House

skipper log no. 39, we've found a mediocre neocities website

The Time Skip


Hi! Yet again, its been quite a while, hasn't it? A lot has once again happened. I'm now in college! Studying CompSci and Web Design :) So thats extremely stressful and time consuming, but also a lot of fun! Any time making my own websites has gone into my portfolio honestly, which instead of looking like an NES game, looks like a PC from the 90s, oh how far we've come! I'm not gonna link it, since I would essentially be doxxing myself, but it is out there! In terms of games, I've mostly been working on my own, or playing Splatoon 3 (which is fantastic)! As for the future of this site... I'm not sure! I might come back to it once I get a crumb of free time, but I think instead of promising monthly posts, I'll say that I'll come back here at some point! When? Idunnoh! Peace!

I am very very broke


So! No More Heroes 3 and Psychonauts 2 came out and I can't afford either of them! It hurts so much man, so many people asking "Hey have you played No More Heroes 3 Yet? What about Psychonauts 2?" and I start tearing up. I'm gonna try and scrape the money together somehow... but it may not amount to much, since I've been so busy as of late. School and the college process have... not been too kind to me. Even though I did so much work over the last year, I'm still swamped with work. Hopefully next time I update this site and I'll have something more interesting to say and I'll be playing No... More... Heroes... 3... *sniff*

Uhhh hi lmao


Hi! It's been quite a while, hasn't it? How have you all been? I've been... existing? Its been a very hectic year, with lots of things going on in my life. What's happened in the meantime? I've been balancing driving school, college aplications, and the SAT. Its been really sucky since I'm working/learning from 9-7 but what can I do. Uhhh, I got my covid shot? First one made my arm kinda sore, second one knocked me out for a whole day. I've also been getting more into manga very recently! I've had a lot of trouble getting into anime, I like a few standout shows, but besides that I just couldn't get into it as much as my friends. What I've found out is that A) I like Seinen more than Shonen B) I like manga lol. It's just a lot easier for me to engage with a book over a show, idk. I think my "engagement" level goes: Games, Manga, Movies, Books/LNs, and then TV at the bottom. I think that's why I've been struggling to get into Jojo, so I'll try and read it sooner or later. In terms of games? Uhh nothing much really, suprisingly. I've been playing Yakuza Like A Dragon when I can, but I've been so busy that I dont really have the time to just sit down and play games. That's why manga is so easy for me, I can just crack out a volume during inbetween hours. Hopefully I'll be freed up in time for October when Metroid DreeAAAAAAAAAAD WOOOOAOOAOAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Happy New Year! (And GOTYS)


Happy new year! Sorry I vanished for a good while, life just kinda had be a bit preoccupied. But in the meantime, I returned my Quest 2 to buy a brand spanking new Valve Index! I've had it for a few days now, and boy oh BOY is it great! One of my base stations shipped broken, however. So I have to play VR only facing one direction lol. But Steam support was super swift in shipping over a new base station! In November my friend gave me a bunch of stuff that he didn't want anymore. A bunch of retro games, old tech, and a laserdisc player with every episode of Evangelion! Honestly a great haul and it's all really cool stuff. In November I played Age of Calamity and Sakuna of Rice and Ruin, I still need to beat them but both great games! In December, I played through Yakuza 0 and most of the way through Kiwami 1 (and also my birthday but whatever). But besides that November and December were spent like normal. Just playing games and such. I took my SAT and did awful for my standards, I've also been trying out FF7R and Nier Automata, and as you can expect a lot of VR. But when it comes to 2020 games, its really hard to pick since a lot of 2020 was just backlogging. But if I had to pick some canidates from games I've beaten I... uh... only beat Doom Eternal. Genshin Impact and ACNH are great games but not GOTY potential... Alyx is in my backlog after I beat Half Life 2... I need to buy Ghost of Tsushima.... I don't have a PS5 for Demon Souls..... I wanna beat Yakuza 6 before I play Like A Dragon... Jeez. Doom Eternal it is! RIP AND TEAAAR

Virtual Reality


As I sat down to update my website at 2AM on a school night, I thought "Hm, what games and events happened over October that's worth talking about on my website" and drew a complete blank. I then thought "But 2020 is such a wild and eventful year, for better or for worse, why can't I think of a single thing?" Before I realized that I was covering my eyes and ears going "Lalalalala I can't hear you" with my brand spanking-life-tracking Oculus Quest 2. While without its downsides and controversies, the Quest 2 is probably the best VR headset on the market. I've been playing a lot of Superhot, Space Pirate Trainer, and more notably, a LOT of Echo VR and VRChat. It's strange, how my 2 favorite VR experiences are completely free, but who am I to complain? Echo VR is a crazy fun experience! Yes, the lobby is mostly 5 y/o children trying to talk up how good they are, and yes Echo Combat isn't on the quest, but what's here is extremely fun and completely free. It's a sport from the future, a 4v4 frisbee game where you have to throw the frisbee in the other team's goal. It sounds very generic until you realize it's ALL in 0g! You float around and have to jump and push off surfaces with your boosters to score a goal. It's fast, fun, frantic, and worth your time! The other VR experience I've been crazy about is VRChat, which needs no explanation! It's just been great to discover new friends and meet up with old ones in a virtual world! If you've got 300 burning a hole in your pocket, pick up a Quest 2! Bravely Default Gif! (another game I've been obsessed with!)

Genshin Impact


I had so many other plans for games to play before the end of the year. FF7, 13 Sentinels, and more. But they were all cannibalized by this game called Genshin Impact, which I had heard about before, and didn't expect much out of it. It looked beautiful, looked like fun, and it was completely free. But that's what made me so suspicious. There had to be some kind of catch, yknow? Like even when it comes to 60 dollar games that look too good, I feel like something is up. While it does have its downsides, Genshin Impact is something really special. It's very derivative of Breath of the Wild, there's no hiding that. But it takes what I didn't like about Breath of the Wild and expands on it and is strong in all the places Breath of the Wild is weak in. It has a more active story, with better characters and an effective ticking timebomb. And it also has stronger music and gameplay. The gameplay, by the way, is really fucking fun. Swapping out the party to get different elemental effects, and juggling characters around with the fast strikes never ceases to be super fun. I've logged a lot of hours into the game, and have no plan of stopping. Yeah, I've slowed down over time but I'm still logging in daily and having a blast. I highly recommend it! It's on PC, Ps4, Mobile, and (soon) switch! Here's a gif from the game :)

Miku Galaxy Live 2020!


I attended Hatsune Miku Galaxy Live 2020, and hooo boy what an experience! I've never seen anything quite like it! I watched the entire concert in VR, and it was a trippy experience. I havent experienced much of the cutting edge of VR, since I only have a phone headset, but I reached out for Miku and waved with the music, I was that well immersed. My favorite song of the bunch was hands down Bitter Choco Decoration, it was such a weird and cool song, and I loved it a lot. Atleast that was my favorite in terms of effects, which is something thats also worth discussing! The effects were truly made with VR in mind, unlike the VR game. Miku appearing to my left or flying around me was crazy! I was zipping my head left and right trying to follow her sometimes and it was really fun. It's just a better formula than the static concerts that are usually held, nothing wrong with them, but this just feels like the best Miku experience by far. I'm excited to see what the fuck Miku World is, and I'm excited to attend again in 2021! Next week, I would have talked about 13 Senteniels, but a little game called Genshin Impact hooked me instead (No joke I was playing Genshin Impact and thought "I should update my website")! Anyways, have a Miku gif!

Shit uhhh-


It has been a very very long time since I've made an update for this log page, sorry about that! Summer and the quarantine just made me a very lazy person and I'm trying to fix that. Especially since school just started back up. I'm a Junior now! Crazy to think, since I was a freshman when I made this site. Time really does fly, huh? I changed a lot over the Quarantine, I've had time to focus on new interests since school is a joke. I got into PlayStation collecting, most notably. I have a moderate ps1 and ps2 collection now, and I've gotten into more 'sony' franchises as of late. I thought I hated Final Fantasy, but nope I'm playing 7 right now and it is an absolute blast. I just got out of Midgar and my last save was at the Chocobo Farm. I also played through the MGS games. I've played 1 2 and 3, and I'm taking a break before playing 4 PW and 5. MGS and Final Fantasy always eluded me. I hated FF12 and Crystal Chronicles, so I ignored the rest. And MGS was just never available to me. But now I'm so glad to have gotten into these legendary series. I got addicted to Hololive, back into Vocaloid, learned how to cook, and decided on where my future is heading and what I wanna do for the rest of my life. Its been a crazy few months, to say the least. In terms of games to come, I'm gonna write about Microsoft/Bethesda soon, on top of the new consoles. I also want to write about 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim and Sakuna of Rice and Ruin. And there's also a Miku Concert in VR on the 26th, so I can write about that too! Maybe I'll just write reviews instead, Who knows. But for now: Korone, MGS, FF7, Miku, and 13 Sentinels gifs to make up for lost time :)

Into the Summer


School is finally over. That means it's FINALLY Shulk Time!.... If my copy ships anytime soon... But anyway, this summer I want to crack down on my development of Beautiful Melodius and grind away at my backlog. I'm going to finish the Ace Attorney trilogy (I'm still on AA2, embarrassingly enough) and I'll finish Persona 2. I got a lot of neat retro things, like a Wonderswan Crystal and a copy of Gunpey, A Famicom and Super Famicom, and a bunch more. And to hit a more touchy topic, I've been hearing a lot more gunshots and sirens near my place which is no doubt because of the protests and riots. I'm not complaining because my neighborhood is shitty anyway, and because it's for a very good cause. BLM!



The quarantine has been very very hard for me, and I assume it's been the same for a lot of you guys. My teachers are incapable of empathy so I've been bombarded with tons and tons of work, and we're just told to watch some random guy's youtube video for an explanation. I used to do really really good in science, but I just got a 72 on a test. I'm usually bad at English but now I'm doing pretty well. My parents are also completely incompetent so they put themselves in debt buying food we don't even need. Needless to say, it's just been awful, and I hope to leave soon. But besides that, I've been playing P5R and I'm running through all the Ace Attorney games. Anyways, stay safe and healthy, yall ♥

Happy Birthday Burger!


Today my site is OFFICIALLY 1 year old! I held off till today because I didn't really start editing it until now lmao. Sorry to disappoint, but I have no special plans for the site :( Besides that, I've been in a really tight financial situation, so I'm kiiinda holding off on games. I did get Vitamin Connection from LRG but that's about it. My prank Unity game is done, so I'm moving on. I'm gonna make an Undertale-like game for a school project that's due in May. So I'll be working on that and I'll drop a link here when I'm finished. Time to just sit around and wait for a Nintendo Direct to happen

New Year!


Happy New Year! I'm excited for 2020 but what's been going on recently hasn't made me all to optimistic. I went to MAGfest and that was a lot of fun! I most notably got the Limited Run Collectors edition for Shantae and the Pirates curse! I think I have every collectors edition for every Shantae game by now. I have the Half-Genie Hero one on the Wii U that comes with Risky Beats, The Ultimate Edition on Switch which comes with Risky Beats and an Art Book, and finally the Pirates Curse Limited Run. I've been making a REALLY small prank 3D game in unity as well. The Shoot 'Em Up I have up on the site is temporarily on hold. I need to get a license for starters, and I also have some other ideas I want to see come to fruition. Have a Persona 3 Gif!

Crumus Day


Hepatitis Chimes! Im a lonely shut-in who's gonna die in his 30s, so nobody likes me and nobody is gonna give me a gift lol. Im gonna spend today updating the site and playing games. I hope everyone is having a great day, have a padoru!

Merry Chrimes


Merry Chrisis! December has been really crazy. It was my birthday on the 3rd, I got Va-11 Hall-a from Limited run games, Majoras Mask, and No More Heroes 1 and 2. Last month, I got a Gameboy camera, Megaman Legacy Collection, and Killer Queen Black on Black Friday. And I ALSO got the Shantae HGH Ultimate collectors edition for a steal of a price, 30 bucks! So a really wild month for pickups. Outside of that, I've been really really sick as of late. My throat is sore, my head hurts, my body feels tingly, I'm coughing, etc, etc. I also stayed up to watch the game awards and it was fucking awful. No announcements of note besides No More Heroes 3. How the HELL did Sekiro win GOTY? No point crying over shitty shows anyways. I'm working on some ideas for the site, so stay tuned! Have a happy holiday everyone! Have a Terry Bogard Gif!

Spookles Season/November!


Wooo! Halloween was fairly fun. I handed out candy instead of going out this year. I gotta say, handing out candy has its own joy to it compared to going out and getting it. Not to mention my neighborhood is garbage compared to my old one for Halloween, so I would stay inside anyways. I played a lot of Luigi's Mansion 3 and Dragon Quest 11 S. I beat Links Awakening a while back and hated it. DQ11S and Luigi's Mansion are waaaay better. Some older games I got were Shantae HGH on Wii U, and Xenoblade on Wii. I'm just waiting for the holiday season so I can get some extra cash for spending. I'm gonna head out, happy Halloween!



School started and surprise surprise, I really fuckin hate it. I'm stressed, tired, my legs are sore, and I'm just generally really depressed and sad. Money is an issue for everyone in my family, so I did a bit of PSP collecting. The games are dirt cheap, and its fun to collect a good PSP game in the box. I also indulged in my first limited runs. I got River City Girls and Downwell. Although, getting Downwell means I can't afford Links Awakening or Untitled Goose Game. I'm gonna try to scrape up a bit of cash before the day ends so I can possibly get it tonight. I've gotten some cool things since I last posted here, some PS2, DS, and Switch stuff. In terms of recent gaming news, the Nintendo Direct was pretty meh. Only got excited by Terry, TMS#FE, Obra Din, and XCHD. And 3/4 of those are remasters :/. The new Shantae game is looking good. I just hope the moves are fun and versatile, and the story is fun and funny. The new Shantae game has "Apple Arcade" hanging onto it like an underdeveloped twin. Looks pretty meh, the fact that Konami showed up with FROGGER is what sealed the deal for me. That nothing this service can offer me is worth paying for. These subscription services are all a scam, in my opinion. People saying "oh you don't REALLY own games, digital or physical!" like ok bitch I can put my copy of Ducktales into my PS3 right now and play it. Cant play it digitally, and I can't play it with a subscription service either. Anyways I'm gonna cut off my incoherent rambling here. Have a Rise Gif!

Fuckin August Man.


August is a thing, huh? At the end of it, I will descend back down into hell! I've just been trying to save up for Astral Chain and see what else I can pick up. I've just been feeling really depressed lately. But I've still been trying to finish my projects. My game, This Site, and the List of the Best. I want a better name for the list than "list of the best", like "Sky's list". But I'm putting that project on hold to work on my game. I don't even own GMS2. The fools. I HAVE 70 ALTERNATIVE ACCOUNTS! I'm still trying to work on little things on this site so look out for tiny updates and maybe a small post tomorrow for Gamescom. Have a Tohru gif to make your day a little better!

1 Month of Nothing


So I've been gone for a month. I've been planning out how to lay out my website for a while and now it's finally put into action. Since then, I went to Otakon, which was a blast! I also got Three Houses and I can confirm this is my favorite Fire Emblem game. I'll talk a bit about it and Otakon tommorow (if I can remember) so look forward to that. I like how my site looks now, but to me, something feels off about it. idrk what but if the 1 hypothetical reader has a suggestion, DM me on twitter or somethin.


Bloodstained, Mario Maker, and the Dex Debacle


So in the last 8-9 days I picked up Bloodstained and Mario Maker. My Bloodstained review is up and I'm working on my Mario Maker 2 one. Both honestly disappointed me and I'm just waiting for Astral Chain and Three Houses. Those two are gonna be GREAT. And Pokemon released a statement about the # going around on Twitter and it only made people more upset. The game looks fine. And literally, nobody cared about the dex up till now so I don't get what all the fuss is about? Just leave your Pokemon in the game they came from. Anyways I don't really know what to talk about so have a Katamari gif

Backlog Journey!


I've been grinding down my backlog this summer until the winter/fall releases fuck me over. There's so much coming out starting in a month or so, I'm honestly kinda scared. Anyways I finally beat A Link Between Worlds and it was pretty alright. Not too good but not too bad. I'm also planning on Sunshine and maybe Blaster Master 02. Today I also got a copy of MGS2 Sons of Liberty and Wii Fit Plus for 6 dollars at Goodwill. Not too shabby! I pre-ordered Bloodstained for the switch and I pre-ordered Mario Maker 2 a while back. Well anyways, MINECRAFT TIME!

*blows cheeks*


Oh fun fun fun nothing has been going on! I have no idea what to write about? Wait... WAIT! CADENCE OF HYRULE CAME OUT! That game came and went like the squirts but man it was so much fun! Honest to god rn that's looking to be my indie game of the year unless Killer Queen Black has something to say about that (not ashamed to say I'm buying that game cause of Jojo). The review of CoH is gonna drop tonight but I need to complete my backlog before the winter game season takes my backlog and my report card and curb stomps it. I felt like I would have more to write about buuuuuuut I don't :/ so here's a Killer Queen Black gif cause why the FUCK not.

So... E3


Well E3 has come and gone and hoo boy what a crock of shit! I watched every single sodding conference and I was only awake during Bethesda for Ikumi, Xbox for Cyberpunk, and the entirety of Nintendo's. All of them were painfully mediocre. I wasn't invested or interested. Devolver Digital's was fun but the games didn't grab me either. Nintendo had a sublime conference. The Hero from DragonQuest was a great smash addition. Banjo Kazooie... not so much. But I won't complain. Luigi's Mansion 3 looks like a BLAST! I just hope the standard enemies get a bit more personality but the bosses, OH! The bosses! They're so expressive! This is the TRUE successor to Luigi's Mansion on the Gamecube! Links Awakening looks like fun but I hope more content gets revealed? Its a Gameboy game for 60 dollars, which irks me. Three Houses still looks great, and the fact that they shadow dropped Cadence of Hyrule means I cant get it for a little while :( Even though we got no gameplay, No More Heroes III and BoTW2 being in development is amazing to hear. I got more excited for those two than I did Metroid Prime 4. The two new IPs are Astral Chain and Daemon x Machina. I'm happy that Marvelous! fixed some of the issues present in the demo, and Astral Chain still looks great! I was just happy non-stop during the stream and Nintendo pretty much carried E3. Ikumi Gif ♥

E3 Is Upon Us! And Pokemon!


I know I said I wanna write shit daily here, but I sorta forgot! But E3 is upon us, and expect me to write a bunch of shit about all the conferences, even though nobody reads my logs. I also wanna talk about pokemon! The pokemon direct was legendary. Sword and Shield are shaping up to be everything I want in pokemon. Free Camera, open world, tolerable online, and CUTE GIRLS. I swear to you I fell from my chair when I saw Sonia, shes so pretty. Dynamax looks like another gimmick to add to the pile, no opinions there. The new pokemon shown, though small, were pretty neat. Wooloo is really cute, and I hope Dreadnaw gets an evolution, though I doubt he will. The new legendaries look really, REALLY bland. Like holy shit, yall couldn't think of anything better than a dog with a shield face and dog with a sword in the mouth? Max Raid Battles look like loads of fun with some mates around, and I think they'll be fun! Honestly, It's hard to think of things to say because it was a very good but very basic pokemon direct. Nothing stands out besides Sonia. Speaking of Sonia, Gif time!

Retro Pickups and Arcade Cabinet!


Woke up today to see YouTube and most Google services like Gmail down. I've been staying up really late recently and just waking up at 3 pm. Oh well. But while I was gone, I was still on that retro game grind. I'm shifting focus from GameCube to Wii and DS since those games are a LOT cheaper in most scenarios. I got Brain Age 1 and 2 and Picross 3D. I'm getting DS games from eBay since my local store doesn't stock too too many. I went there yesterday to pick up some games now that finals are gone. I got Boom Blox and 1080 Avalanche. They also said they had a Twilight Princess GameCube copy in resurfacing so guess ill have to spend my Mario Maker 2 money on that. Twilight Princess is one of my least favorite Zelda games but lots of the problems come from the Wii version. I don't really feel like picking up the Wii U HD version so here we are. I also went over to Game Stop and picked up a copy of Geometry Wars Galaxies. Mostly for the board. My friend Josh traded me a lot of stuff for almost nothing which was really nice of him. I honestly feel really bad. But I got Mario Kart Wii (Cause I traded in my copy at GameStop when I was a little scrote), Sonic Unleashed, Sonic and the Black Knight, and Wii Sports Resort. Currently, my largest (boxed) collection is Wii and 3DS. I'm not really sure if I should complete my Wii and 3DS collection before moving onto something else or if I should just move on now to make the collection more even. But the coolest thing that I finally got was a Street Fighter II arcade cabinet! Its made by Arcade1up and the quality is really good. I've been having fun with it so far and I'm happy I saved up for it. I'm just scared I'll break it somehow!

FINALS ARE GONE (and a catch up)


HELL FUCKIN YEAH! Can't wait for my grades to get back and be met with disappointment! So finals are gonzo so I can get back to writing on here. I'm gonna talk about some shit I missed whilst I was gone.
Mario Maker 2, looks great but I don't care too much for Mario maker but I'm still gonna pick it up most likely. But man, the game went from "who cares" to "WOAH SO HYPED" to "FUCK MARIO AND FUCK NINTENDO" in like a week. Not having an online co-op isn't really that big of a deal in my opinion?? Unless I'm misunderstanding the point but you buy Mario MAKER to MAKE Mario levels. If not, just go play a 2D game on NES online. But I'm not a Mario Maker fan or a screaming twitch streamer so I don't care.
Pokemon Conference hoo boy ok so why the fuck is everyone so upset about it not having crazy game announcements? It's a PRESS CONFERENCE. The only reason they streamed it is because people were pissed that Nintendo didn't stream past conferences. Things like the Nintendo Switch conference is for investors first, then fans second. This is why the conference wasn't as fast-paced as a Nintendo direct. So Pokemon sleep looks cool. It's a great way to capitalize on the mobile craze of Pokemon Go while it's still kinda relevant. And they FINALLY made the Pokemon Shirts global, right before I bought one from a scalper. Good shit IMO.
Fire Emblem Three Houses. Personally, I think it looks amazing. I'm so happy FE is back on home consoles. The 3DS games were solid but it was just held down by the 3ds and its limited graphics. At least on the GBA and the DS, you can have stylized pixel art but the 3DS just looks clunky and bad. The Persona Esque elements make me squee, and the characters look really good. I know FE has a negative connotation because of the Smash Bros Cuckheads. So if the game is at E3, I hope they keep it short and announce its own direct in mid-July. I don't really have a "favorite" FE game but this looks like it'll change that. I want to get the special edition but I just don't know enough about the game yet :/ so let's see what happens.
There was also a Nindie Direct that revealed Katana Zero, Cuphead, A new Tim Schafer game, and Cadence of Hyrule and nothing else. I haven't played Katana Zero, I'm holding out on a physical. Cuphead is pretty neat to see, let's hope Microsoft releases the Master Chief Collection on the switch? And a release date at E3 plz and thanks. The new Tim Schafer game looks kinda gross. RAD is a dumb name too. I don't want to see a mutated 12-year-old shit out lizard eggs. Cadence of Hyrule looks pretty banging. Just the remix in the trailer alone makes me love the game. The idea of having a beat-based action game is really neat! It's great to see Nintendo hand out their IPs to others instead of having a death grip on them.
So expect more posts from me soon! Have a nice day!

Finals Break


Alright, I'm gonna take a break for finals. I'll be back soon enough. Pray for A's!

Detective Pikachu


So I saw Detective Pikachu yesterday, I really enjoyed it! The world that they built was honestly amazing. So many little references that fans will get, and all the pokemon look really cool! The story was really nice too, although a bit cliche at some points. But the movie alone is just a spectacle to watch. This perfectly built Rhyme City where all the pokemon walk out alone, its just amazing to me. The pokemon battles that happen at those underground fight clubs seem like something that would happen if battling was illegal in a city like Rhyme. It left me with a big smile on my face. No after-credits scene though, which was disappointing. That smile got wiped off really quickly when I got back home cause of some assholes online but that's something that I won't get into. Same people who asked me to make clownfucker.html and even though I joked about deleting it, I may delete it soon enough, but we'll see. Tomorrow, I'm gonna take a break for finals. But I'll post that when we get there. I was debating which detective Pikachu Gif to use but I had to use this one. Have a nice Saturday!

Dick Vitale


So I had a big buying spree on Ebay. Some of the first things I got came in today. Okami on the Wii (just to own it lmao) and DICK VITALE'S "AWSOME BABY" COLLEGE HOOPS! I have a page dedicated to it on my site here and context to why this is funny to me and some friends here. I don't even have a Genesis but here I am with a copy of it. ugh, what am I doing with my life?

Summer Stress


As midterms creep closer and closer I just get more and more stressed. Fasting doesn't help either. Having fin for all 6 classes is just hard to wrap my head around. I can only hope that most of my classes have projects instead of tests. Projects are hard but so much more manageable. I also need to keep in shape over summer. But I don't know how to get started with that, or where to go. I'm not fat but I want some muscle. But that's just me complaining. Although I'm feeling summer stress, I'm excited to kick back a little during the summer. But that can only happen if I stop being so stressed over everything. Here's an Akko gif!



Today is the first day of Ramadan. So I started fasting today, and it's only been a few hours and I'm really hungry. I just wanna eat something. I thought I would be more thirsty, but I just wanna eat. I would post here more but idrk what to talk about. So yeaaah. I'm currently suffering and I will continue to suffer for a month! I put a Persona 5 The Royal gif. The more I look at Kasumi, the more I think SHE'S the traitor. Black mask, hates the thieves, etc. But she probably won't. Have a nice day guys

Future Plans


So! Finals are coming up! Since I care, I'm going to start studying soon. I will be gone starting on May 11th. I'll be back on the 31st. During this time period, I will only post when there is a big gaming announcement. So expect maybe around 4 posts during that 3 week period. When I get back I will chronicle the suffering of my fast and then hop right into E3 predictions. Before I leave, I'll share my thoughts on Detective Pikachu, then I'll be off. Finals are stressing me out a lot even though nobody else is talking about them. Not only do I have to study for finals, but I have to study and focus in class without eating. It's gonna be a loooooooong month.

Sonic Movie


Yikes! I don't know a single person that likes the new Sonic Movie. I can understand why everyone hates it, cause Sonic looks like a gremlin. He is so fucking ugly, It's amazing how they can fuck up a design so bad. I'm still gonna see it. But I know Detective Pikachu will be a better 'video game movie'. But who knows, The Sonic Movie might surprise us all. But I do know it will become a cult classic years later, like the Mario Movie. There is a new Mario Movie coming up, made by Illumination. I'm concerned, but not fearful. Just looking at Sonic makes me wanna back away slowly. Here's a gif of the little abortion, so you can bask in the glory of ugly shit covered in blue fur.

Etika (again)


Yeeeeah! Etika got arrested. Good fucking riddance IMO. The live stream of him getting arrested was pretty sad, but he was asking for it. While he did get out later, he leaked his address. Now he's gonna get doxxed. So that's fun! Not many things are going on, I'm just looking at games I can't afford and fearing exams. When exams are in effect, I will take a break from both reviews and posting here. Just around 2 weeks. Summer will be pretty crazy for reviews. But I just don't know if I can come up with things to write here over summer every single day. But for now, mmmmmmetroid gif!



So I watched Endgame with a bunch of friends yesterday and I don't have too much to say. I mean it was fine, just really long. I feel like this would have been a good place to stop making so many bloody movies but Marvel already has like 5 in the backburner. I'm not the biggest fan of Marvel, to be honest. I'm making this because I don't really know what else to talk about. Time to waste the rest of my weekend. But man, it's hard to run a blog with a consistency like this. My life sucks, and it's really boring. IDK what to talk about most days. Not too long ago I had too much to talk about but now I have nothing. Well, here's a Torture Dance gif. I love Jojo, but I haven't finished part 2. I should get on that.

The Effect of Smash Bros.


Smash Bros. is a huge game. It saved Fire Emblem from being Canceled, and every game is monumental in so many ways. It's a great game! Getting a character into smash is a huge achievement. But one thing that has always irked me was when a favorite character of mine gets in. Why would I be upset? Well, when a character gets added to smash they get thrown into the spotlight. Which makes it open to critics. Not someone who fairly critiques something, but someone who just rants on twitter and their little cult defends them to the death. I've seen so many people shame Atlus for characters like Kasumi and Ann existing. The same people who yell at everyone for liking a sexualized character say that ladies can wear whatever they want and that Islam/Hijabs are oppressive :/ It's really fuckin' retarded. And I never saw hate for this shit until Joker got into smash :/ People saying that Bayonetta is an oppressive male fantasy started when she got in Smash. It was even worse for Bayo! She was hatted for being overpowered, and it even stopped people from playing her games! That's really fucking stupid. Don't be like this. And this is why a small, small, part of me doesn't want Joker in smash. Leaving him as our more niche character. But on the other hand, there are so many more Persona fans now! And that makes me happy that others can enjoy the best game ever made. But, it would even have even MORE fans if it had a switch port... but that's not the right attitude! It's the weekend! And I got a copy of Four Swords Adventures to play with some friends. So I'm excited about that! Here's a Bayonetta gif, too many persona gifs as of late.

How do you like your Persona 5?


So, how do you like your Persona 5? Dancing in the Moonlight-Side Up? Poached? Milked? Or SCRAMBLED? Atlus, do you even like money? Persona 5 Switch would sell more than 8 million units! You'd be rich! But noooo! You have to make a Warrior game. We HAVE enough bloody Warrior games! And spoiler! NONE OF THEM ARE GOOD! Persona 5 Switch would have taken a fraction of the time and a fraction of the development costs, but no. Make a cheap spinoff game with less reward and anger fans. When I said 'we all know what that's gonna be' I BOLDLY assumed that Atlus was a sensible company. At least P5R exists. That game looks great. But Scramble looks like a $30 cheap kind of game. Even the fucking name is dumb. But I will still buy it, and try it out. For now, here's Ryuji gif...

Persona 5 The Royale!


My body isn't too jazzed to be making a post but fuck it. Persona 5 Royale! We have ANOTHER announcement tomorrow, for P5S. And today we got a huge info drop on Royal! It. Looks. AMAZING! Like HOLYSHIT! The new portraits look beautiful! And all these new locations to explore! Longer playtime! HUMAN MORGANAAAAAAAAAAAA! This is the dream remaster and I don't see a point to owning P5 when P5R just expands upon everything that P5 did. The new girl, Kazuma, looks great! She's so adorable, and her Phantom Theif Costume looks sleek as hell. I'm so hyped to see what connections she has to Goro and to Sojiro. Another interesting thing we saw was a lady with short hair sitting next to Futaba, which many think is Wakaba, and she somehow lived to see Futaba another day... The only problem is... Wakaba is dead... If that is a revitalized Wakaba, that essentially RUINS Futaba's arc. Losing someone special is negated when you can revive that person like fucking Mercy. You can take Caroline and Justine outside the Velvet Room which is really neat! But hands down, the worst announcement, P5R is coming out 2020 in the states... Atlus, what the fuck? Its been 23 FUCKING years and you still can't get worldwide releases straight. Why??? But, that's about it for what I wanna talk about, there's a bunch of other smaller stuff, like Futaba's all-out attack, the new grief doctor, Team Attacks, and a bunch more that I have no energy to get into... I'm gonna give my thoughts on P5S tomorrow, even though we all know what that's gonna be.



Sorry I haven't made any posts! I'm really sick :( I'll get back to posting when I feel better! I have plans to talk about P5S on Thursday, and P5R on Wednesday and some other topics on my mind. Thanks for sticking around!

So, how does Joker play?


Happy 4/20! I'm just gonna talk about how Joker plays! He is my new main, I would have made him my new main even if I didn't like how he played. But I do like how he plays. Arsene is super easy to get, tbh. I don't get why everyone says Joker will be mid-tier when you can get Arsene super easily. You can have him at all times if you want. You just have to time your guards right. His gun is a lot of fun to use too, the jump gun is super effective at racking up damage, same with Ehia, they both get the % up so you can finish with a smash attack or Arsene. His sheik-like movement is perfect for him, and Mementos is the DREAM stage. Persona 3 to 5 and all the Thieves joining in to help is just the perfect stage. And honestly, what else could his final smash have been? All-Out Attack is the first that comes to mind. I have taken SO many pictures of Joker pulling a cool pose and such. FUCK the stage builder and FUCK the smash app, cause Joker is where it's at my dudes. He plays perfectly. If Nintendo announces 2B, Quote, or Shantae for smash, I will be 100% convinced that they are tracking me down and know where I live. Joker and Shantae are the only 2 I really wanted for smash, and Joker is in. So all we need is that Half-Genie Hero! If Waluigi gets announced I'm dropping Smash Bros forever. I fucking hate that MF and until he gets an actual game, he can stay as an assist trophy. Here's a best boy gif uwu

Notre Dame


Ok so I forgot to write about Joker on Thursday because I was too busy playing as Joker (whoops!) But I want to talk about Notre Dame because of all the controversy surrounding it, Especially on Twitter. Yes, It is a shame that Notre Dame has burned down. But all the valuable stuff from the church was saved. The glass windows, art, etc. But one thing that irks me is how many people jumped at the opportunity to donate to the reconstruction. When the French and the Church have more than enough money to fix it, and then some. But many people don't donate to bigger problems around the world. But it makes sense why. Reconstructing the Notre Dame is a visible goal. But solving world hunger has no clear goal or amount of money needed. And some people made posts about how Notre Dame's fire was a blessing, dissing Christians and the French. To anyone who got really pissed off at those tweets/posts, that shit is clearly bait, and responding to them and qrting them is only adding fuel to the fire. But, regardless of how anyone spins it, the burning of Notre Dame is a massive loss. Nothing can change that in the long run. But on the bright side, Notre Dame has been destroyed before, and it only came back looking better than ever. It may not be in its 'original state' but Notre Dame has like 5 'original states'. Have a nice Friday, my dudes :)

Looking cool Joker!


AAAH! JOKER LOOKS SO GOOD IN SMASH! I know I was going to talk about Notre Dame, but this is more important to me. His move set is PERFECT! His costumes are all great callbacks to the Persona games, and the additions of Persona 4 and Persona 3 music is just MWAH! But it is very disappointing that there are only 11 tracks. I wish tracks like Shadow World, Tokyo Daylight, and such were included in the list of music. But these are some of the best tracks in each game, so I don't really mind it. The transformations of the stage are also perfect. GASP! YU AND DOORKUN FOR SMASH!!! But Joker's move set is honestly perfect. I am now a Joker Main. Every move, animation, and sound effect is just oozing Persona love. Sakurai, you've done it again! Bayonetta and Ryu were already testaments to his work, but Joker is just... perfection... But I am so hyped for him. 9 PM can't come any sooner! Okok I will talk about Notre Dame on Friday. I'll talk about how Joker plays tomorrow. Then Notre Dame on Friday. Joker gif! Woo!

Hey Etika, What the FUCK?


Yeah! So a lot of bad shit happened recently. Reggie left, Peepee the cat died, Notre Dame burned down, and Etika just fucking snapped. But here's the problem, this is like the 5th fucking time he snapped this month. Last time he got his account taken down for posting pornographic content after Twitter suspended his account for saying the N-word. Now he threatened suicide, and his friend called the police to cuff him and take him to a mental institute. Good for the friend that she cared, but Etika's friends and close ones are starting to act more like nannies than actual friends. I'm surprised they stay so close to him, seeing that he breaks down every alternate fucking step. You can stand by the edge and say you're going to jump, but if you do that every fucking day nobody is gonna try and stop you. I can't wait for Etika to come back like a few weeks later and be fine. Last time Etika broke down, I called him out on twitter for abusing and toying with his friends and fan's feelings over a suspension. Now that he broke down again over fucking nothing, I hope I can welcome some of you to my side. Sit down, put your head down, so I can laugh at you for thinking we should be taking Etika seriously. I will talk about Notre Dame and Peepee soon, but for right now, here's a Yukiko gif

Goodbye Reggie...


Today is the day that Reggie leaves Nintendo. Goodbye Reggie. Everybody will miss you! Uhh... that aside, I WISH I could write here more, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING is happening. What, do you want me to talk about Yoshi's Crafted Fucking World????? But, in some ways, I'm fine with a few games this year. I can use my money on really good retro games instead of grindy looty shooty shit. But if there is any hope for this year, its at E3. Sony isn't having a show though, not like anybody will miss them. I'm holding out for Nintendo and Xbox personally. But anyways, Reggie gif :(

Accessibility In Games


This topic has been coming back up, with Shadows Die Twice being another From Software game. So many FUCKING LOSERS video game journalists have been saying how they beat the game with cheats and such. They have obviously gotten a lot of backlash for doing so, and for not being good at games. I haven't played too many of the extremely hard games. I haven't played Dark Souls, I don't have enough money for Sekiro, I've only played about an hour of Crash Bandicoot, etc. But I have played Cuphead, and I will admit, I haven't beaten the game because there are stages I beat on easy mode. Locking out content is kind of a dick move, but it's understandable. It makes the reward so much more satisfying. But I really should play Sekiro or Darksouls. But anyways, GAMECUBE GIF!



Nothing interesting is going on smh. That "ah shit here we go again" meme is being milked till its kidneys fall out, and no recent games have really excited me. I'm just trying to save up money to buy games from 2018 that I missed. I hope this isn't another shitty year for games like 2018, and I mostly spend my money on retro games. Gotta keep my hopes up though. Praying for a Nintendo direct before Reggie leaves this week. Here's a Reggie gif that encapsulates my impatience.



Woo! I got a GameCube! I'm gonna sell my Wii since I have a Wii U. I am ALSO gonna get a Street Fighter 2 arcade machine. It's gonna be great. I hope my new room comes out well because moving hasn't really been a positive experience. I'm not eating too much, it kinda sucks :/ but I do have my PC set up, so I am streaming Momodora on my youtube channel! So look forward to more streams! (when I have time)

April fools!


Nobody fell for that one. But hey, it's the thought that counts :) But anyways, I've been busy moving, so I can't post here too often. Sorry guys! I'll be back soon enough

Leaving the website


The FBI caught up to my illegal smuggle of DVD copies of Catwoman. I have been charged for first-degree consequence-free murder. This is the end... Bye, my dudes :(

New computer!


I don't know what to talk about here lmao. I have nothing going on at the moment. I'm finally posting again because I got a new computer today! It's really powerful and was built to be upgradable. I'm trying to drop consoles out of my life. If Persona 5 comes to other platforms, I don't even need my ps4. Spiderman and God of War are cool??? But I'm not a fan of either. Heres my steam account so you guys can add me. Comment on my profile if you came from my website! (I doubt anyone reads my shit tho).

New York stuff and Shantae 5!


New York was a blast, I was planning on buying games, but all the stores were overpriced. I bought a lot of books and manga, actually. I got the Minish Cap manga from Nintendo NYC, and I also got a pokemon cooking book from NNYC. And, I found a super cool book store called Kinokuniya (The Cafe there is divine!). I bought Kill la Kill manga 2 and 3, and the Little Witch Academia manga (1 and 2). I came back the next day and I got 'Komi-san wa Komyushou desu' better known as 'Komi cant communicate' (even though I can't read it) and the first Pop Team Epic book. I went to a lot of places, and I love the city so much. It's a shame I was only there for 2 days. On the way back, Wayforward announced Shantae 5 and Spidersaurus. Both on Apple Arcade, Spidersaurus being exclusive. This is a really anti-consumer practice. Now nobody is going to play Spidersaurus, which is sad. Streaming services, in general, are really dumb. You don't even OWN the game. The lag, and the fact you NEED an internet connection makes streaming a really dumb. But wow Shantae 5! This is great, and it isn't a Kickstarter! I'm so excited to see what is to come of the project. Shantae gif!!!

Heading Off To New York (And Some Website Stuff)


So I'm leaving at 4 am, and I'm so hyped. I'm gonna do a bit of retro shopping, but this is to more relax and tour the area. That aside, I spent all day today playing Kamiko, the cheap as dirt indie darling, and I also spent a lot of the day making this site right here (LINK DOWN). This review site is originally what I had planned for this log page, but here we are. My site has come so far. The homepage used to look so different, and looking back, I've learned a lot. I don't even know how many of you even read this stuff, but thank you ♥. I can't think of a gif to put here, so here's a Grim Fandango gif I found. I've been playing it stop and start recently. It's hard to play for long sessions since it hasn't aged the best. But the game is still quirky and charming with a stunning story. I don't know how Lucas Arts did it, but Mercedes Colomar is a skeleton but they still made her look attractive.



SO! P5R! We know fuck all about it and we have to wait another month, but I don't think the new girl is a FeMC. The Japanese states that she doesn't like the Phantom Thieves and that you have to change the world yourself. I don't think shes solo, I think she's a new Confidant. Like Marie in p4g. Another thing that makes me think p5r is a remaster is because p4g is 'Persona 4 The Golden' in Japan, and p5r is 'Persona 5 The Royal'. The structure is strikingly similar. But that's about all we know, now we have to wait for the full info drop. let's see where this goes!

New York and Sausage Slaps


I'm going to New York! Yaaay! I'm not gonna be there for long but its fun nonetheless, and is a nice change of pace from my boring and repetitive life. Also, click here to go-to sausage slaps. This suddenly came to mind and I find it funny for some reason. Besides that I made the page look better on mobile (but they have to zoom out in order for that to work). All the other pages looked ok-ish but this one always gave me trouble. But now I fixed it and it looks great IMO. But I will do a blog post for p5r when it drops. But that's for when it comes out. I'm so hyped up! Woo! Here's a Shinya gif for that p5r hype!!!

The Parallax Travels


I added Parallax scrolling and changed the BG color to a light green accordingly. I think this makes the site look a lot cooler than it used to. I would talk about what I'm doing over spring break, but the only interesting thing that happened was I got a copy of melee and I hacked my 3ds. I wish I was doing something more fulfilling, but we don't have the money to travel. So I'm stuck in Maryland "100% crime rate" Baltimore. It's just so bloody boring here. I wish I could visit Japan or Europe. But that's a dream for when I have a good job and time to myself (Assuming I live past college :/). Here's a Melee gif for the soul. The Melee intro is good but not as good as Ultimate.

Gamestop is the Worst.


Gamestop is kinda all over the place. I ordered a copy of Cave Story from them, and I got it at a brick and mortar store. I asked for a new one, because for one dollar more, you get a keychain, cleaner, manual, and a soundtrack CD. But, the bloke at the counter ordered a new one when I ASKED for a new one. So I open the packaging and I get an artless switch case, and cave story inside with a dirty cart. I called the help service and the bitch on the line always jumped around my questions. She started yelling at me saying I ordered a used copy when I wasn't even the one who ordered it. So I hung up on her rude ass. I still needed a new copy, So I had to drive all the way to a Gamestop to trade the used one for a new one. The guys at the counter were ALSO rude assholes. But on the other side of the coin, I got a used copy of WarioLand Shake it! for 7 bucks. The box was in pristine condition, and the manual and disk were almost new. The guy at the counter at this Gamestop was super nice and gave me a fist bump. This is why I wish Gamestop to shut down but at the same time, I don't. But now into the immoral side of games, I hacked my 3ds! It's pretty cool but there isn't much I can do. But yeah, here's a Yukiko gif.

Happy Pie and Marie Day!


4 Days ago, it was MAR10 Day, yesterday was MAR13 day from splatoon, and today is Pi day! So happy pi day my dudes :). I have spring break coming up and I'm hoping to just decrease my backlog and relax. After spring break all I have left is a ton of exams and a long summer break. I might work on a project over summer but one game I need to finish is Persona 3. Also, I'm gonna go retro game hunting. I wanna beef up my Gamecube collection and finish off my GBA one too. I have no ideas for this website though. I'll rack my brain for some tho. Cause I wanna do more than just update my log and throw on some links every now and then. Anyways, have a nice Pi day, and here's a Marie gif. (Even tho Callie is the best girl)

My Cool Text Based Adventure game


The reason I didn't post yesterday is because I was hard at work on my text game. If you want to play it, it's right here! Chapter 1 and 2 have dropped and 3 is in progress right now! Test it out and tell me your thoughts. Im just gonna toss a persona 5 gif on here. I bet Futaba is playing my game lmao.

Wind Waker Link appreciation


Not here to talk much but just gonna say wind waker link is best link. He just makes me uwu so hard.

Can't put my finger on it...


I know my 2 favorite games of all time easily. Persona 5 and Breath of the Wild. But I can't quite put my finger on my 3rd favorite game of all time. One contender for it is Cave Story. I just ordered it for switch but I haven't played it for a long time. Its a great game but it baffles me that they re-released it on other consoles for 30 dollars, but it started as a free indie game. Another game that I love to death is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I would have said 1 but XC2 blew everything that one did out of the water in my opinion. It's not a great game, but I poured so many hours into it and was so invested in the characters. Nia is THE best girl. FIGHT ME. But other mentions besides those two are games like Civilization V, Katamari Damacy, Gravity Rush, Pokemon Black, and White. It's so hard to choose just one...

The Jaunty Katamari Blues


Have you guys ever listened to one track to help you get through a tough time or a sad time in your life? When I left my family in Kuwait over winter break, I listened to the Katamari Damacy and the We ♥ Katamari soundtrack. Now, whenever I listen to it, I think of my family and I get all sad. This is despite the fact that the Katamari soundtracks are all jaunty and upbeat! But no my sick fucking head associates it with sadness! Why am I thinking about this? Well, I'm listening to music (specifically Damacy and persona 4) while I grind through my Physics project. Natural Gas is cool and all but I can't make fart jokes smh. But back to Katamari, GOD I love the Katamari games. They're so much fun! Damacy is fun to run through, and We ♥ Katamari is fun due to the sheer jump in difficulty from Damacy to it. Here are some Katamari gifs to make you feel uwu inside.

Venting and my cute monitor OC


Every day I realize that some of the people around me are kinda dickheads. Ngl there are a lot of toxic people around me and I hate it so much ugh. Also, I made a really cute oc that's inspired by those old computer monitors. His name is Satsu-chan, and if he acts cute now he will kneecap you in a second. I love him so much, and I got so much cool art from my friends from Satsu and his sister Jin. attached an image of Satsu and Jin!

Games that NEED to be revived


There are so many dead video game franchises that have been left in the dust. When Platinum and Capcom were close, they made Okami and Viewtiful Joe. I really want these games to get full on sequels. Okami has Okami Den and Viewtiful Joe has a second game but those are both suuuuper old. Chibi Robo is also in the ground and I loved what I played of the Gamecube game. Ziplash is a fine game but not a good Chibi Robo game. Also, I personally love Megaman X8, I've been replaying it in the X collection on switch. Now that the main Megaman series is back and kicking, wouldn't a revival of the Mega Man X series in the style of 8 be super neat? Anyways, I attached an Ammy gif for the bork in all of us.

Happy Birthday, Switch!


(One day off but) Happy birthday to the Nintendo Switch! It feels like yesterday I was playing Breath of the wild for the first time. Breath of the Wild is now my 2nd favorite game of all time, and I boot it up all the time and I still find new things in this massive world. It's amazing that 2 years have passed since then. Here's a cool gif from Starman-JR on Deviant Art.

PYXA and a really well-received review


So over the weekend, I found this really neat Kickstarter called PYXA and it looks really neat. I wanna get better at game development and putting a hardware restriction like this would be neat. The Kickstarter has already reached its funding goal so all that's left to worry about is whether or not it'll keep its promise and deliver on that front. On another note, my Tetris 99 review was really well received. It took me no time to make and cost nothing so I think it was a success! No relevant image today but here's a Padoru to make your day :) It's not Christmas now, but it's always Christmas in our hearts.

Minish Cap, Mother 3, and website shit


I'm so close to finishing Minish Cap. While it's nowhere near the best Zelda game. I still love it fondly. Elzo is the coolest haha. I'm gonna make a Minish cap review soon enough. Now to fully beat Mother 3. I'm like halfway through. Earthbound and Mother are great games but they sometimes feel like a slog to get through. But the music is orgasm worthy. On a different note, I used up about 10% of my website data. But paying $60 a year seems like a stretch for this dumb site.

The cops aren't after me


I went to the bathroom during a test, and the dean of discipline (the detention guy) walked up to me. I heard his voice and thought "Fuck. I'm screwed" but he walked up to me and asked if I'm adjusting to high school and how my day was. Which, to be honest, kinda freaked me out. This tough-ass dean of discipline asked me about my day instead of making me serve my detention. When we split paths, he said: "if you need support I'm here for you". Odd, but ok. I just want this week to be over. I'm gonna see spider verse for the 4th time this weekend. It's my favorite movie of all time and even though I'm not gonna cop the digital version, I'm so gonna get the physical version. Here's a gif of Miles beating the shit outta Sasuke. Remember when everyone loved that meme for like 3 days?

Evading the cops and pokemon


I got a detention from my robotics teacher a looooong time ago. I never served it but I heard that the teachers were looking for me. So I'm running from the law like I'm some criminal lmao. But that aside, the new pokemon game looks effin great. The region and trainers look great too. I kinda hate the new starters. Only Scorbunny looks alright, but that's only cause I wanna name him Doc or big chungus if I'm feeling edgy. Attached an image of the cute trainer from the trailer. They look great.



So I wanted to make the Log page more nice-looking. Since it was just black text with a baby blue background. But I deleted all my other logs so here we are. Oops. Well, I'll try to write here more often uwu. I'm writing this in English class right now and its kinda boring. A Tale of Two Cities is a snooze.

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