Hello there! You can call me Sky or Ketsu. I love to collect games, old and new. I'm a huge Vocaloid, Vtuber, and Anime fan! I also like to dabble in technology and dream to be a software engineer! I'm Bi,taken, and go by He/Him :)

Im always up for a chat, dm me anytime on insta or twitter!

"Things Wot I Loike"

Game Series I Really Like (no order, there's LOTS of other stuff I like that I didn't mention lol)

• Atlus (P5 is my favorite, Vanillaware games, Catherine, Trauma, and SMT games)

• Nintendo (The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Splatoon, Rhythm Heaven, and Xenoblade Chronicles (Windwaker, B/W, FE3H, 2, DS, and Xc2 are my favorites in each series, I want to play other MonoSoft games, and I like everything Nintendo makes besides Smash, those are just the notable ones)

• Capcom (Ace Attorney, Megaman, Street Fighter, Okami, Monster Hunter, and Viewtiful Joe)

• Wayforward (Pirates Curse is my favorite, I also like River City Girls, Vitamin Connection, etc)

• Sony (Gravity Rush and uhhhh)

• Square (Final Fantasy, Bravely, Mana, Chrono, and Just Cause)

• Sega (Yakuza, Puyo, Jet Set Radio, all their niche retro garbage, and Project Diva)

• Valve (Portal, Half Life)

• Bandai Namco (Katamari, their arcade games, Ridge Racer, and Taiko

• Platinum Games (Bayonetta 2 is my favorite, need to play Nier)

• Konami When They Didnt Suck Ass (Metal Gear Solid, Bomberman, and Castlevania)

• Others: DOOM, Genshin Impact, No More Heroes, Civ, Undertale, Skullgirls,

Celeste, Disgaea, Hollow Knight, Va-11 Hall-a, a lot I forgot

Anime I Really Like (no order)

• All Ghibli Movies (Mononoke is my favorite movie of all time)

• Trigger (Little Witch Academia, Promare, Kill La Kill, BNA)

• Jojo (Part 4 is my fave)

• Your Name/Weathering With You

• Pokemon Sun and Moon

• Sailor Moon

• Evangelion



Favorite Youtuber: Scott the Woz

Favorite Vtuber: All of them

Favorite Pokemon: Pumpkaboo or Oshawott line (Either one)

Birthday: 12/3/200X

Pets: 2 Cats, Sergi and Roy