Sky's House

why i decided to scourge the earth with big burger

This is my way to learn HTML and CSS.

I was inspired to start this mess cause of my friend Bee's super cool webpage

This site changes all the time. So if you dont want something to change or you think one of my ideas was good, let me know!

Email me if you wanna suggest something!

This site is inspired by...

  • Earthbound/Mother (Backgrounds)
  • Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon/FE1 (Text Boxes)
  • Final Fantasy III/VI (Navigation to the left)

and there are a few references to other games scattered around the site ;)

Most of the non game spritework was done by me, and were inspired by the games above.

...and some of them are from a game I'm making!

This site was made on Feb. 1st 2019

This site is not currently being archived outside of neocities.