Gameboy and Gameboy Color

The Gameboy family is considered the first sucsesses for handheld gaming. The namebrand of Nintendo and dirt cheap price allowed the Gameboy to destroy the competition, despite the competitors having things like color and backlit screens. While charming in its own way, many gameboy games have not aged well in the slightest. But thats not to say there arent some hidden gems and great games on the system. The grey brick lasted over 15 years, being discontinued in 2003, and sucseeded by the Gameboy Advance. There was also an extremely important revison, the Gameboy Color. But since there are not enough exclusives on the Color, I have combined the lists together.

Platforming games

Shantae (Color)

This game is helped a lot by how late it came out in the Gameboy Color's lifetime. Its very well polished. But again because of that this game is mighty expensive. 500 dollars for the loose cartridge is taking plenty of piss. Just buy it on 3ds or emulate this one.

Shooter/Shoot'em up games

X (Base/Color)

A bit of a niche one, but this game is amazing to run on Gameboy. Get this one just to marvel in outdated tech.

Fighting games


I dont wanna touch this genre on Gameboy. I have Street Fighter PTSD.

Beat 'em up games


Survival games

Survival Kids (Color)

A tad expensive, being around 70 bucks. But this is about as good as you'll get on the gameboy in terms of survival.

Rhythm/music games


This Genre wasnt defined around this era. Wait a tad for it to jump in.

Horror games


Wish I could put the fake Garfeild game here.

Metroidvania games

Metroid II: Return of Samus (Base/Color)

This is again an obvious one. Best to play AM2R or Samus Returns on 3ds, however. Since the Gameboy version hasnt aged too too well.

Visual novels


Action WRPG

The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening (Base/Color Port)

ANOTHER obvious one. The only reason to play Links Awakening is the ending, but its still a fun and functional Zelda romp.

Action JRPG

Final Fantasy Adventure (Base/Color)

The first Secret of Mana game. I pick this one because of its nice world and music.

Turn-based WRPG

Gameboy Wars (Base/Color)

The grandfather of Advance Wars. I will take ANY chance to flaunt Advance Wars and Gameboy Wars is Advance Wars without the good charecters.

Turn-based JRPG

Pokemon Crystal (Color)

The most ambitious Gameboy Pokemon game. If you do get a Gameboy Pokemon game, get Crystal.

Puzzle games

Tetris (Base/Color)

Again, an absolute classic. NES and GB versions are about the same so it doesnt matter in the long run which one you pick. For GB exclusives id look to Picross.

Life simulation games

Harvest Moon GB (Base/Color)

Harvest Moon is the grandfather of the simulation game, so wait a little while longer till we get something besides HM on this section.

Sports games

Mario Tennis (Color)

Mario Tennis takes the gold for standing out amongst the rest of the sports games on GB/C

Racing games


Fuck it. Imma say that 2Bits V-Race is the best racing game on GB/C. Gotta shout out the neocities boys.

Party games


Nobody pulls out a Gameboy for a party.